Operation Hope for children of Haiti

Success through Teamwork, Partnership and Faith A Commitment Above Self


The President appoints Operation Hope's Executive Team, including the General Director, the Project Directors, the Chief of Staff, the Public and International Relations Representatives, the Senior Vice Presidents of finance and the Administrative Counsel based in Haiti. The Executive Team oversees the Administrative Counsel, the Human Resources, the Program and Project Directors, and the Public and International Relations Representatives 

Operation Hope's Board of Directors as well as the Administrative Counsel based in Haiti, are a group of volunteering individuals serving without compensation. In some instances, members of the Counsel if working on a full time or part time basis may work at a minimum based salary. The Board of Directors/Administrative Counsel is the organization's governing body. They are elected by the members at our regular annual meeting for a one year renewable term. Each member may be reelected annually.

The Board Members and the Administrative Counsel have the primary responsibility of attaining a basic understanding and set off actions in support of Operation Hope's mission and objectives. This includes creating, advertising, assisting in increasing Operation Hope's outreach efforts and boosting its visibility and donor support. The Board of Directors confers with Operation Hope's president and appoints the Administrative Counsel who also has a one year renewable mandate and may be reelected by the members through our regular annual meeting.


Dr. Eddy Delaleu, D.D. Founder/President

He is devoted to fighting for Haitian families and specially the most vulnerable and forgotten children and has been for about twenty years.  His management, determination, tactical planning and his beliefs in accomplishing one's goal, have helped the organization achieve its status today as one of the Non Governmental Organizations working in Haiti. Prior to founding OHFCOH

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Eddy's mother, Alourdes from Bainet in the South Department, made reluctantly the ultimate sacrifice that any mother could have made in realizing her inability to care for a child. He was given for adoption and as such, was given the opportunity for a better future to live a normal childhood in a successful, middle class family. He attended a Catholic middle school "Sacred Heart", graduated from high school "Lycée Alexandre Pétion" completing the Rhetoric and Philosophy requirements for graduation. 

In 1975 the young Eddy immigrated to the US with no hope to return to his country as he and many Haitians for fear of political backfire looked the other way.  There, he joined the military service for approximately six years in the US Armed Forces where he served in several states and also in Europe.  His quest to better himself gave him the determination to pursue his education even, when there was little or no time in his military schedule.  He graduated from Columbus College in Georgia with a MA in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology where he practiced Audiology and taught Foreign Languages.  He also attended and graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a Masters Degree in Foreign Language Studies leading to a PHD degree.  He served as the Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA) at Paul Robeson High School in New York City and also served as the Chairman of the Foreign Language Department at Jordan Vocational High School in Columbus, Georgia.  He later as a theologian was awarded an honorary Doctorate Divinity Degree and was granted the title of Reverend as an ordained minister.

Dr. Delaleu is a self made man with a true heart for the poor and a natural love for people, in general. His extensive background and general knowledge has made him the vanguard leader of Operation Hope. For more than a decade, he never ceased to weather all obstacles and various challenges that had long ago prevented him from helping the underprivileged children and families of Haiti as a young boy. 

executive secretary

Jenny Delaleu, Executive Secretary

Ms. Delaleu is the Executive Secretary of Operation Hope, and has embarked on medical missions as a team leader to Operation Hope's headquarters to help serve the medically underserved in Haiti.

She has been serving the healthcare community since 1999. She is a mastered prepared family nurse practitioner and holds a minor in nursing informatics. She is currently employed as a nurse practitioner in New York City.  She holds interests in critical care medicine, family medicine and telemedicine. She is well known for her compassion in caring for patients, her professionalism and competitive edge and aptitude in use of the electronic medical record and personal digital assistants, at the point of care. Ms. Jenny Delaleu is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with ANCC. She is also a member of the NPALI, Nurse Practitioner Association of Long Island.  

 E-mail: jenny@operationhopeforchildren.org 

project coordinator

Joanne Delaleu, Coordinator of Affairs

Ms. Joanne Delaleu is currently the project coordinator of Operation Hope for Children of Haiti. She has aMaster's degree in Nursing and currently works in Manhattan, New York.  She is currently working on opening a private practice as the co-founder with Ms. Jenny Delaleu. Her passion is traveling and caring for the medically underprivileged. Her professional goals are to use her advanced nursing expertise to advance evidence based practice as it relates to primary care.  


program director

Michelene Bontemps, Director and Acting Assistant Administrator

Ms. Michelene Bontemps is the Director of Operation Hope for Children of Haiti and acting Assistant Administrator for the Mobile Clinics. She has been a volunteer Logistics Supervisor working with Operation Hope for about five years and simultaneously traveling throughout the country as a supporting administrative Staff. 

Recently, following the Earthquake of January 12, 2012 that devastated the very little infrastructure of Haiti’s Capital and killed over 300,000 of its citizens, Michelene was a key component in hosting thousands of foreign Medical and non Medical volunteers in and out of our modest Camp/Medical Clinic in Diquini/Carrefour across from the Adventist Hospital.  Today, she continues to serve at many capacities and especially as a hostess for our visiting volunteers.    

Her service to Operation Hope shows her admiration and love for what she has discovered to be her true calling.  Her non spoken commitment is demonstrated daily through her strong but yet gentle and tireless effort to lend a hand to the deprived. 


James W. Martinsen, Advisor

James is an advisor to Operation Hope.  He is the co-founder, and Chief Financial Officer for East End Disability Associates, Inc.  EEDA is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation serving the needs of the developmentally disabled on Long Island, New York. Initially, advocacy was one of his first concerns, but lack of available services on the east end of Long Island eventually became the driving force that contributed to the development of EEDA. EEDA runs numerous Individual Residential Alternative homes, along with a number of Day Habilitation programs. In addition to business management experience, Jim has held a number of positions in various social service fields to include Food Bank management, teen counseling and worked with various homeless shelters.

assistant director

Gallo, Assistant Director

Cindy is the Assistant Director of Operation Hope for Children of Haiti. She has embraced the people of Haiti as if they were her biological family and Haiti was her homeland. 

Cindy is a RN and the wife of a pastor. She is an ER nurse in Central Florida and makes frequent trips to Haiti, always bringing a few of her coworkers with her to help at Wendy’s Hope Medical Clinic.

Her service and commitment demonstrates the strong yet gentle and loving touch of Jesus Christ. While working in a hospital during one of the worst earthquake aftershocks, she found herself to be the only member of the medical staff that did not leave the building and run for safety. Instead she stayed with the patients, many who lost limbs and could not walk. While the hospital walls were shaking, Cindy had the patients singing a Hymn in Creole, lifting their spirits as well as their voices.

While at home in Florida, Cindy serves the homeless at Matthews Hope as well as The Gathering in Lakeside.  Her home is often filled with those that need some love and a helping hand.