Operation Hope for children of Haiti

Success through Teamwork, Partnership and Faith A Commitment Above Self


Our mission is to serve individual children of Haiti and especially in Haiti's poorest communities. We found our strength in our beliefs, our diversity, our experiences and our hope for a better tomorrow for these children.

It is our main objective to streamline the advancement of these children by:

  • Strengthening their capacity for self-sufficiency;
  • Promoting, fostering, increasing and advancing the health, welfare and economic status of destitute or otherwise needy children residing in Haiti;
  • Encouraging interest, awareness and activism in the American and world political arenas with reference to the plight of starving, destitute children of Haiti;
  • Providing financial aid and other reasonable economic opportunities for the ultimate benefit of indigent children of Haiti;
  • Initiating and promoting civic, political and educational programs beneficial to such needy Haitian children;
  • Holding, conducting and organizing meetings, discussions and forums to consider community opinions on issues affecting the economic welfare of children in Haiti;
  • Serving, assisting, cooperating, co-sponsoring and otherwise engaging in concerted actions with private, governmental and religious agencies and organizations on all programs designed, calculated and dedicated to the improvement of life for the aforesaid children;
  • Endeavoring, improving and enriching the standard of living of such children by providing financial aid for religious and public education and by influencing policy decisions at all levels;
  • Soliciting, collecting and otherwise raising money for charitable, educational and benevolent purposes and to expending such monies for such purposes;
  • Engaging in charitable fundraising events and activities including sponsoring concerts, plays and recitals;
  • Delivering relief in emergencies especially during the tornado season and such unforseen events such as the January 12th, 2010 earthquake; 
  • Addressing discrimination of all forms;
  • Improving and advancing the health, welfare and well-being of impoverished children in Haiti by all available means and methods.

      It is our intent to pursue our mission with patience, determination, excellence and compassion. The children and the communities we serve deserve nothing less.  It is through a steadfast perserverence and strong partnerships in which we can strive for a better tomorrow for the Haitian community.

      Only together, can we succeed through teamwork, partnership and faith.